Performer Flying Integration

At AMC Fab, we craft the magic behind extraordinary show spectacles, where the audience remains blissfully unaware of the intricate workings. We seamlessly integrate complex show action equipment to craft unforgettable special effects that consistently astonish audiences.

Performer Flying Integration

AMC Fab’s Legacy in Performer Flying
The professionals at AMC Fab embarked on their careers working on some of the most iconic entertainment productions, featuring elaborate performer flying stunts seen in shows like Cirque du Soleil’s “O,” Wynn’s “Le Reve,” Royal Caribbean’s awe-inspiring Centrum atrium performances, high-speed movie stunts, and Disneyland’s enchanting nightly Flight of Tinkerbell. With years of individual experience in unique shows and permanent installations, our team has amassed a wealth of collective knowledge. Our unwavering commitment to performer safety has driven our involvement in shaping and supporting ANSI E1.43 standards.

Mechanical Expertise for Flying Props
Coupled with our specialized expertise in mechanical design and show action equipment, we leverage our background in Performer Flying to craft tailored solutions for diverse client needs. Whether it’s designing Ride-On Props for stage productions, custom-themed Acrobatic Apparatuses for aerial choreography, or Multi-Axes Elements to elevate and move characters in exhibits, AMC Fab has the mechanical know-how to bring visions to life.

Seamless Integration with Performer Flying Systems
AMC Fab’s original flying props and mechanical elements are meticulously tailored to seamlessly integrate into their final installations. We collaborate closely with other performer flying vendors to ensure our systems meet exact technical specifications. Each apparatus is designed with a deep understanding of the venue’s space constraints, structural considerations, and load-bearing capacities.

Ensuring Safety Through Comprehensive Services
Following the design and delivery of an aerial prop or any show action equipment, AMC Fab offers clients comprehensive support, including training, maintenance, and inspections for the long term. Performers and production technicians receive formal instruction on system operation and prop storage. We also schedule regular maintenance to uphold performance standards and conduct thorough inspections periodically to ensure ongoing safety.

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Our independent nature as a design consultant—and not a product manufacturer—translates into specifying the right equipment for the job. We approach projects with the owner’s interests in mind, assembling easy-to-maintain, quality systems that will last the lifetime of the project.

Our close partnerships with fabrication shops produce designs that are easy to build, yet sturdy enough to perform—again and again. AMC Fab directly oversees the production process to guide and correct any manufacturing complications to keep projects on schedule without any delays.

Having operational components installed on-site and within the framework of existing structures can be the most critical element of our projects. Our team at AMC Fab seamlessly integrates the finished fabrication as part of our clients’ venues and facilities, whether it is designed for back-of-house, within a public atrium, or as a scenic set piece. We guarantee the quality of our results, and we offer training and scheduled inspections to certify that the project is well maintained to last long into the future.