At AMC Fab, we craft the magic behind extraordinary show spectacles, where the audience remains blissfully unaware of the intricate workings. We seamlessly integrate complex show action equipment to craft unforgettable special effects that consistently astonish audiences


Unprecedented Effects
AMC Fab boasts a project portfolio filled with groundbreaking special effects that consistently captivate audiences. When clients seek the ultimate ‘wow-factor,’ we always deliver with innovative, never-before-seen designs.

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Seamless Show Integration
At AMC Fab, whether we’re enhancing a small component or overseeing an entire production, our team excels in show systems integration. Our designers grasp the intricacies of ensuring seamless communication among show action equipment, adeptly coordinating machinery, automation, lighting, sound, video, and more.

Reliable Spectaculars Built to Last
Our clients can’t risk show interruptions due to machinery failures. At AMC Fab, we design robust mechanical systems that withstand the test of time and the demands of repetition, ensuring uninterrupted marquee show spectaculars.