Focusing on the details is what AMC does best. We take our client’s abstract ideas through a comprehensive design process, helping them realize their vision in a way that is efficient to fabricate and robust enough for long-term operation. AMC’s advanced equipment and experienced team manufacture custom products of the highest quality.


Mechanical Design

At AMC Fab, we excel in mechanical design, transforming imaginative concepts into tangible realities with our expert 3D modeling and animations. Our approach values simplicity, exploring diverse solutions to create effective electro-mechanical systems and show action equipment. We collaborate closely with fabrication experts to ensure our designs meet rigorous standards of quality, speed, and cost. Our comprehensive design packages, supported by stamped engineering drawings, not only meet but exceed client expectations, reflecting our commitment to precision and innovation.

Performance Venues & Touring Shows

At AMC, we specialize in the meticulous handling of a variety of projects, ranging from enduring architectural structures to one-time event-specific installations. Our proficiency lies in orchestrating and implementing complex projects with precision. The commitment of our team is to ensure the delivery of outstanding and professionally crafted solutions, customized to meet the distinct needs of our clientele. We excel in adapting our approach to suit a wide range of venues, both large and small.
Our areas of expertise include:

  • Cultural and Performing Arts Venues
  • Higher Education Facilities and Universities
  • Religious and Spiritual Centers
  • Galleries and Museums
  • Scientific and Exploratory Institutions
  • Recreational and Theme Parks, including Indoor
  • Water Parks
  • Commercial and Retail Environments
  • Sporting and Event Arenas

AMC Fab is renowned for its spectacular and unprecedented special effects, consistently delivering the ‘wow-factor’ with innovative designs that captivate audiences. Our team specializes in seamless show systems integration, skillfully coordinating machinery, automation, lighting, sound, and video to enhance every aspect of a production. We prioritize reliability, designing robust mechanical systems built to last and withstand repetitive demands, ensuring our clients’ shows run uninterrupted and maintain their spectacular nature.

Performer Flying Integration
At AMC Fab, we specialize in creating the magic behind extraordinary show spectacles, integrating complex show action equipment to deliver unforgettable special effects. Our legacy in performer flying is highlighted by our involvement in iconic productions like Cirque du Soleil’s “O” and Disneyland’s “Flight of Tinkerbell,” underpinned by our commitment to safety and adherence to ANSI E1.43 standards. Our expertise extends to crafting customized flying props and mechanical elements, ensuring seamless integration and safety in every installation.

Our approach as an independent design consultant prioritizes the owner’s interests, focusing on assembling quality, easy-to-maintain systems. We maintain direct oversight over fabrication to ensure designs are not only easy to build but durable and reliable. Our involvement extends beyond installation; we integrate operational components into various settings, from back-of-house to public atriums. Committed to long-term success, we offer comprehensive post-installation support, including training, maintenance, and regular inspections to ensure longevity and safety of our projects.

Water Shows & Attractions

AMC boasts an extensive track record in conceptualizing and directing aquatic presentations, offering specialized consulting to clients in this domain. Our approach is distinct, encompassing everything from staging and set design to the innovation of wireless aquatic effects, as well as the development of infrastructures adhering to stringent life safety standards.
Our expertise is particularly sought after in:

  • Productions necessitating advanced life safety measures
  • Comprehensive and large-scale integrated structures
  • Tailor-made equipment and specialized underwater electrical housings
  • Projects involving lakes, lagoons, or significant water bodies
Theme Park Attractions & Shows

The realm of theme parks presents a unique challenge for mechanical design, a challenge in which the AMC team excels. Our expertise lies in delivering a uniform and captivating experience for audiences and riders, a skill that has earned the trust of some of the leading theme park operators globally. We are renowned for engineering durable systems that consistently perform to the highest standards, evening after evening.
Our specialized areas include:

  • Themed and Intellectual Property (IP) rides, along with dynamic scenery
  • Nighttime extravaganzas and spectacles
  • Elaborately staged productions
Special Events & Immersive Experiences

Our team has demonstrated exceptional capability in collaborating with clients to craft immersive experiences for guests. These experiences often feature grand-scale rigging installations, dynamic architecture, and seamlessly animated props that invigorate any setting.
We specialize in:

  • Curating and organizing art exhibitions and pop-up events
  • Contributing to film and television productions
  • Orchestrating premieres and grand opening ceremonies
  • Managing and facilitating touring museum exhibits
Cruise Ships

Navigating the specific requirements of the cruise industry is a distinctive challenge, one that AMC consistently meets with excellence. Our team skillfully brings innovative solutions to various spaces onboard, enhancing the cruise experience with unforgettable entertainment.
We specialize in designing:

  • Outdoor amphitheaters for open-air performances
  • Theatre-in-the-round for immersive audience experiences
  • Multi-level atriums tailored for entertainment and engagement