Awnings and Shade Structures

AMC Fab proudly expands its portfolio with Structural and Fabric Solutions in Las Vegas, collaborating with Las Vegas Awnings & Structures to create shade structures, awnings, and cabanas. 

Awnings and Shade Structures

At AMC Fab, we are proud to offer Structural/Fabric Solutions as part of our comprehensive range of services. As a member of the AMC family of companies, we collaborate closely with Las Vegas Awnings & Structures to fulfill the need for shade structures, awnings, cabanas, and more. This collaboration enhances the capabilities of our facility, allowing us to take on a wider range of projects that involve fabric furnishings as part of the scope.

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Our Structural and Fabric Solutions in Las Vegas encompass:

Shade Structures
We specialize in designing and fabricating shade structures that provide functional and aesthetic benefits. Whether it’s for commercial properties, outdoor venues, or residential spaces, our team can create custom shade solutions to enhance comfort and protect against harsh sunlight.

Our awning solutions combine functionality and style, providing protection from the elements while adding a visually appealing element to buildings. We offer tailored awning designs to suit diverse architectural styles and individual preferences, ensuring a seamless integration with the surrounding environment.

Create an inviting and relaxing atmosphere with our custom cabanas. Designed to provide a private retreat in outdoor spaces, our cabanas offer comfort, elegance, and functionality. From luxurious poolside cabanas to cozy garden retreats, we can craft the perfect cabana to suit your needs.

Our collaboration with Las Vegas Awnings & Structures enables us to seamlessly integrate fabric furnishings into your structural projects. This comprehensive approach ensures a cohesive and harmonious outcome, where structural elements and fabric features work in synergy.

Contact us today to discuss your Structural/Fabric Solutions project. Our team of experts is ready to provide personalized guidance, innovative design solutions, and impeccable fabrication services to bring your vision to life.

With AMC Fab and Las Vegas Awnings & Structures, you can trust in our expertise and commitment to deliver exceptional results in every aspect of your project. Let us create the perfect structural and fabric solution for your commercial needs.