In the world of live entertainment, nothing captivates audiences quite like the epic superhero universe of Marvel. The touring production of Marvel Universe LIVE! takes the Marvel experience to a whole new level with jaw-dropping stunts and heart-pounding action. Behind the scenes, AMC Fabrication was pivotal in bringing one of the show’s most awe-inspiring moments to life – the retractable motorcycle ramp. This one-of-a-kind engineering marvel enabled superheroes like Captain America to perform daring stunts, captivating audiences around the world. In this blog, we embark on an enthralling journey behind the scenes of Marvel Universe LIVE!, exploring AMC’s extraordinary custom fabrication prowess and the ingenuity that made this motorcycle ramp an unforgettable part of the Marvel experience.

The Marvel Universe LIVE! Spectacle 

Marvel Universe LIVE! is a touring live-action show that brings Marvel superheroes and villains to life on the stage. The show immerses audiences in the Marvel universe like never before by combining thrilling action sequences, state-of-the-art special effects, and captivating storytelling. From Spider-Man’s acrobatics to Iron Man’s aerial feats, the production boasts an array of spectacular stunts that leave audiences in awe.

The Marvel Universe LIVE! Motorcycle Ramp: An Engineering Marvel Among the many jaw-dropping stunts in Marvel Universe LIVE!, the retractable motorcycle ramp stands out as an engineering marvel crafted by AMC Fabrication. Designed to elevate the superhero chase scenes to unprecedented heights, the aluminum circular ramp was built in 5 to 10-foot sections, allowing it to be assembled and disassembled quickly during the show’s touring schedule.

The ingenuity behind the motorcycle ramp lies in its retractability and seamless integration with the show’s arena setup. Each arena featured a circular truss system allowing the ramp to fold into the rafters when not used. This design not only ensured efficient storage and transportation but also preserved the arena’s space for other stunts and performances.

During the chase scenes, the motorcycle ramp descended from the ceiling to the stage, creating a breathtaking spectacle for the audience. As superheroes like Captain America rode their motorcycles, the ramp lifted them to a staggering vertical height of approximately 30 feet, adding a new dimension of excitement to the performance.

Movable Trolley and Winch Arrays 

To facilitate the smooth operation of the motorcycle ramp, AMC Fabrication went above and beyond by fabricating a movable trolley to hold the winch arrays responsible for lifting the ramp. This ingenious solution allowed for precise control of the ramp’s movement, ensuring flawless transitions during the show.


The winch arrays were strategically positioned on the trolley, allowing for seamless raising and lowering of the ramp at the desired speed and height. The movable trolley system gave the show’s crew the flexibility to adapt to different arenas and spaces, making each performance an extraordinary experience.

Collaborating for Marvel Magic 

The successful implementation of the Marvel Universe LIVE! Motorcycle Ramp was a result of the seamless collaboration between AMC Fabrication and the production team. AMC’s skilled engineers, designers, and metal fabricators worked in tandem with the show’s creative minds to bring this engineering feat to life. The dedication to precision and innovation culminated in a spectacle that left audiences on the edge of their seats, witnessing their favorite Marvel heroes in action like never before.

Thanks to the groundbreaking work of AMC Fabrication, the Marvel Universe LIVE! Motorcycle Ramp became an integral part of the show’s magic, elevating the superhero experience to unprecedented heights. The retractable ramp allowed audiences to witness their beloved Marvel characters perform thrilling stunts, creating memories that will last a lifetime. This extraordinary collaboration exemplifies the power of ingenuity and creativity, reminding us that the result is nothing short of spectacular when imagination meets technical expertise.

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