Imagination comes to life in the heart of Las Vegas at Wynn Resorts Lake of Dreams show. This mesmerizing spectacle resides along the resort’s 3-acre lake, captivating audiences with its breathtaking visuals and innovative use of technology. At the heart of this captivating display are two “floating” orbs, a true marvel of engineering and artistry. AMC Fabrication played a crucial role in bringing these orbs to life, re-fabricating and waterproofing them to withstand the elements while ensuring the magic remains unyielding. In this blog, we delve into the incredible collaboration between Wynn Resorts and AMC, exploring the intricate re-fabrication process, the waterproofing challenges faced, and the awe-inspiring outcome that continues to dazzle audiences night after night.

The Vision Takes Shape: An Enchanting Lake of Dreams 

Wynn Resorts’ Lake of Dreams show was conceived as an enchanting and immersive experience that would captivate guests with its magical ambiance and awe-inspiring visuals. The two floating orbs featured prominently in the show were designed to play videos using an interior projection system, creating an ethereal display of light and imagery. To bring this extraordinary vision to life, Wynn Resorts turned to the expertise of AMC Fabrication.

From Concept to Reality: Re-fabrication and Waterproofing 

AMC’s team of skilled fabricators and engineers collaborated closely with Wynn Resorts to re-fabricate and waterproof the two floating orbs. The re-fabrication process involved enhancing the orbs’ structural integrity and design to ensure they could withstand the demands of the outdoor environment. Each orb’s interior was meticulously modified to house a state-of-the-art projection system, allowing for mesmerizing video displays during the shows.

Waterproofing the orbs presented a unique challenge, considering their “floating” nature on the water’s surface. AMC’s team ingeniously crafted a sealed steel compartment inside each orb, providing a protective coating to keep them watertight. This meticulous waterproofing process not only preserved the interior projection system but also ensured the orbs’ durability and longevity despite being exposed to water elements.

The Magic Unleashed: Welding Platforms and Underwater Tracks 

AMC’s contributions extended beyond re-fabrication and waterproofing. The team also undertook the welding of sturdy platforms to support the orbs while they seemingly floated on the lake’s surface. These platforms were intricately designed to blend seamlessly with the orbs’ aesthetic, complementing the magical ambiance of the Lake of Dreams show.

Moreover, AMC fabricated a specialized ramp crucial for launching the orbs into the lake during the show. The ramp’s precise design and construction were essential to ensuring smooth and graceful entrances for the orbs, enhancing the enchanting experience for spectators.

Connecting the orbs to an underwater track on which they sit and move was another significant aspect of AMC’s involvement. This underwater track facilitated the orbs’ movements, enabling them to dance gracefully on the water’s surface, enchanting audiences with their seemingly weightless display.

A Mesmerizing Masterpiece 

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Wynn Resorts and AMC Fabrication, the Lake of Dreams show has become an enchanting masterpiece that captivates visitors every night. The re-fabricated and waterproofed orbs stand as a testament to human ingenuity, artistic vision, and technical expertise. AMC’s unwavering commitment to precision and innovation has breathed life into these magical orbs, enabling them to mesmerize audiences and evoke wonder.


As guests watch the orbs gracefully float on the water’s surface, their hearts are filled with awe and amazement, transported to a world where dreams become a reality. This remarkable collaboration between Wynn Resorts and AMC Fabrication exemplifies the power of imagination and skilled craftsmanship, creating an unforgettable experience that continues to weave its magic night after night.

Witness the enchantment of the Lake of Dreams show at Wynn Resorts and experience AMC Fabrication’s extraordinary contributions firsthand.

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