Mechanical Design

We focus on achieving simplicity while conceptualizing and constructing intricate mechanical systems. Our seasoned team is dedicated to developing robust designs that can withstand the rigors of the entertainment industry, all while maintaining an elegant integration into scenic elements

Mechanical Design

Bringing Ideas to Life through Conceptual Design
With the spark of imagination from our clients, our designers transform abstract ideas into tangible conceptual designs. We facilitate the realization of creative visions by crafting 3D mechanical models that transition into dynamic animations. These visuals comprehensively capture every aspect, from motion dynamics to audience perspectives, enabling our clients to envision the final element’s seamless integration into their projects

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Valuing Simplicity at AMC Fab
At AMC Fab, we understand that the most apparent solution may not always be the ideal one for every client. Through our distinctive problem-solving approach, we assess various solutions for designing our electro-mechanical systems and show action equipment, presenting all viable options that align with the project’s objectives. In some cases, these alternative solutions may involve manual controls, eliminating the need for motorized machinery.

Leveraging Fabricators’ Expertise
Recognizing that design work cannot exist in isolation, we actively engage fabrication experts early in our process to comprehend construction challenges and influence our project specifications. Clients place their trust in our ability to rigorously test our designs concerning speed, cost, and fabrication quality. This encompasses everything from machines that soar through the air to specialty apparatuses designed for performers’ elevated stage presence.

Design Through Engineering Precision
Our clients depend on AMC Fab to provide comprehensive design packages seamlessly integrated into the project’s construction documents. Leveraging extensions of our team and valued partnerships with other consultants, we offer stamped engineering drawings that not only meet project deliverables but consistently surpass expectations.